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Your Company, Your Business, Your Product

Having the right Voice representing you makes a world of difference with your Customers. Does your company desire a voice that will send the message, market your commercial, and/or express your business in a way that makes your audience very receptive? If you want to avoid voice agencies, which can be very time consuming or voice websites taking you through page after page, then...

Allow “VOICEOVERS by KARRESSINC” to represent you. KARRESSINC offers a variety of services...

Voiceover Commercials

Commercial are a very competitive market in today’s society! There are many products and everyone is seeking to sell their line of merchandise. Business sells are low, but one thing we all are aware of are “Commercial ads”. They are catchy and all it takes is that innovative voice and you can go from no. 10 on the Commercial ads list to no. 1.

Radio Commercials/Personality

Radio advertisement/commercials, Internet recordings for company websites/announcements or radio personality. “When SHE talks, the audience listens”.

Business Voicemail Greetings

Voicemail greetings can allow someone to really connect with the company, the business and/or the product judging from the introduction greeting. Some of the best ways customers obtain knowledge regarding all that a company offers is during the “hold time”.

Personal Voicemail Greetings

A “gentle greeting” can always encourage a caller to leave a message even for personal phone calls. Personal greetings can also be fun, exciting and even interesting depending on the preferred greeting.


Documentaries, book biographies, short stories and others! Allow “Us” to express your story with passion, heartfelt and emotions. Listen to the “story of thanks”. Originally written.


Coming soon: A book of Inspiration and Poetry

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